Opt for a 14-day stay!

If you have enough time, two-week stays offer in many ways a more complete experience.

Two weeks of madness

Undeniably, spending two weeks on-site lets you take your time, consider your fishing much more calmly, and reduce the impact of the plane ticket on the price of the stay…

Provided that you do not want to go to Nosy Be in the middle of the fortnight, or that you do not have to go there to change your partner. You can take advantage of your break to enjoy the exceptional site of Antanimora and the activities offered at Radama Islands Resort.
Float above the coral heads that line the seabed and observe the richness of the aquatic fauna just a few fathoms from the beach. Enjoy a unique walk at the heart of a wild and almost deserted island, rest, enjoy the incomparable setting of the camp, with its calm and special and enchanting atmosphere.

Other activities?

Night owls will be able to discover the excitement of Nosy Be for a weekend, with its restaurants, bars and nightclubs. A day off on the “’île aux parfums”, endless possibilities …

n addition, this step is essential for those who have a change of pair planned in the middle of their stay, as they will be arriving in Nosy Be. They can then take advantage of the fishing spots located between Radama and Nosy Be on the way out and the way back, before continuing on to a second week.

Exotic fishing being what it is, even in Madagascar things can fall through a few times at some point during your fishing trip… Thus, doubling the days on the water can also be a solution to optimise the chances of seeing the fish of a lifetime arrive alongside the boat!

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