The Nosy Be – Antanimora Transfer

Depending on the format chosen and the number of divers, transfer to the Radama takes place in one go, or the first day will be dedicated to diving.

Particular attention will be paid to crossing the bay of Bosy be, around scombridae hunts, with a possible early launch for ambition… Whale sharks maraud there in great numbers!

It takes 2 to 4 hours of navigation without stopping to reach Antanimora, depending on the conditions. Never far from the land, the virgin and tropical landscape rolls past and varies within view of camera lenses and smartphones. The aquatic life that is exhibited on the surface may also join the attraction… The area that is crossed enjoys rare marine weather in the Mozambique Channel; a transfer under these favourable latitudes is an integral part of the escape and of the sweet euphoria of a stay that is just beginning.

The boats dedicated to transfers, assigned according to the number of passengers, were built to navigate safely and keep passengers dry, even in rough conditions. They are equipped with the necessary safety equipment and are driven with care by an experienced and attentive crew.