Water activities

The water around the island is not only inviting for fishing from a boat but also makes you want to do lots of other water activities. Discover all our activities in the water such as snorkeling or wake-boarding - you would be amazed at the diversity of sports that we offer in this paradise.

Snorkelling (free diving)

The presence of small coral reefs all around the island are home to a multitude of species making the place a life-size tropical aquarium. The bay is shallow, sheltered from the wind, and there is little or no current or waves that might hinder water rides. We are involved in the protection of sea turtles, and they return the favour… Many specimens roam around the island and lay their eggs on our beaches. It is not uncommon at all to come across them while swimming just a few dozen meters from the beach, or to come across a group of napoleons, large parrotfish, small blue trevally … (We provide fins, masks and snorkels)

Float tube fishing

If it is pleasant to watch them from behind the glass of a mask, it is also difficult for some people to resist the urge to fish for the small fish that make up the biotope of Antanimora. With just lures and armed with barbless hooks, it is possible to approach them discreetly thanks to the float tubes that we make available to our fishermen. With very fine equipment, similar to that used for pike or freshwater trout, placed on clear, calm, and turquoise water, and facing the white beaches and unique reliefs of Antanimora, this fishing takes on an unreal and timeless character. An absolute must-try on the day of rest which breaks up the two-week stays!

Kayaking and Canoeing

The Radama Islands Resort also provides canoes and sea kayaks. From a short janut to a sports session, it’s up to you!

Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

Some of the guides and sailors at Radama Islands Resort are as good on a wakeboard as they are with a rod in hand! The boats in the fleet have more than enough power to tow a skier. Their manoeuvrability and the wake wave they create also make them great boats for this sport!

Several boards and a pair of skis are available, as well as several rudders, quality vests designed for the activity, and helmets for the more adventurous! (outings offered at an additional cost)

Bottle Diving

The Radama Islands Resort partners with approved diving centres. With a wealth of experience around Nosy Be and in the archipelago of the Radama Islands, they have been regularly supervising groups of divers there, and for many years during catamaran trips. For either a day or a complete stay dedicated to scuba diving, supervised by specialists, do not hesitate to contact us for more information! (Available on reservation)