Environnement végétation plage Madagascar

Activities on land

After a long day of fishing, what could be better than fun and unforgettable activities in a heavenly environment? Hiking, bowling, or fishing from the shore - there is something for everyone.



Discover the island’s wilderness by following the various trails marked out on the landscape. All more or less easy, the very short hikes are done in 30 to 45 minutes, while the longer ones will take you between 2 and 4 hours. One of the most beautiful ones covers a large part of the island’s circumference at low tide, then disappears into the main forest and climbs towards the summit, leading to a breathtaking view; before then crossing the centre of Antanimora over paths bordering the island’s springs and water resurgences. Count 7.5km and a vertical drop of 170m in 2 to 3 hours before returning to the camp. The tour of the island by the beach is only available at low tide, and is between 8 and 9km long depending on whether or not you include a return trip to the superb sandy tongue, “the tail” of Antanimora…


To reach the restaurant from the bungalows, you have to cross a small square with gravel made of fine coral that has washed up on the beaches of the island. In its centre, an old Indian Almond tree stretches out providing shade, while at nightfall, large solar spots provide powerful lighting… It often happens that crews drop by to play a few rounds. It’s better to have practiced before going up against them! (Obut balls are available)

Shore fishing

For the insatiable, it is always possible to roam the beaches at the right times, armed with a light cast and a few lures. Or in the evening, plant a rod holder on the beach next to a deckchair… Surfcasting can hold some good surprises!