Drift fishing

A good-sized bait, dead or alive, placed behind a drifting boat can hold some big surprises... Skipjack, or small live tuna, is preferred by sailors when it comes to baiting a serious rig before letting it slip along the large drop-offs, or around Scombridae hunts.

Aiming high

Perfectly compatible with drift jigging, the two techniques can complement each other. In this situation the target is quite clear, we are looking for ‘big’, even very big! While a large trevally or a voracious grouper may be interested in surprisingly large prey for their size, by placing this type of bait at the end of our lines, we are rather looking to hook a subject weighing a hundred or several hundred kilos…

Sharks, grouper…marlin

Sharks are often counted among the fish brought to the boat thanks to this type of fishing, some species can deliver intense struggles. Very large grouper are also interested in this bait, including the impressive giant grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus). But, for the crews of the Radama Islands Resort, behind each snitch placed adrift, hides the hope of catching a big black marlin…

The ultimate trophy

The mythical and gigantic fish that has inspired millions of fishermen around the world. Few places offer the opportunity to rub shoulders with the Black Marlin, we have the privilege of their presence in good numbers along the drop offs around the archipelago. Fought standing up, with suitable equipment, the satisfaction at the end of such a face-to-face encounter often marks the end of the day, and all other attempts are rendered bland… until the next day! We provide powerful stand-up rigs equipped with top-of-the-range spinning reels free of charge for anyone who wants to try their hand at it.

Download our technical sheet for more details on the equipment you need to bring and the equipment available for rental or hire.