Day 3 to 6

You will go out to sea to explore the different areas of the archipelago, and fishing will be your only concern: popper, jig, bait fishing, trolling, your crew will take care of optimising the outing by taking care of your equipment, and will take you to the best possible spots depending on the conditions and the type of fishing you want to practice.

AntanimoraPoisson Pêché Radama

A crew at your service

From 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day; 10 hours spent fishing in the tropics can be exhausting… This is why, once you arrive back at Radama Islands Resort each evening, all your equipment will be taken care of by the crew. Rinsed, dried, then stored in a room after each trip, your rods, lures, tools, and fishing luggage will find their place on board the next morning. Inspected daily, if a scuffed braid or chipped leader may have gone unnoticed the night before, it will be replaced before start-up the next morning. (On-site, do not hesitate to consult the camp managers to book a night outing!)