The stay at the Radama Islands Resort

By taking advantage of the regular rotations set up by the Radama Island Resort, it is possible to join packages ranging from 2 to 14 days

Despite the remoteness of the Radama Islands Resort and the importance of the logistical resources to be deployed, there are many options that make our facilities accessible:

From a night in a “bed & breakfast” to a 14-day, full board all-inclusive stay, or by creating your holidays entirely à la carte, there is a solution that will meet every expectation.

A stay of 2 to 14 days, see more…

By taking advantage of the regular rotations set up by the Radama Island Resort, it is possible to sign up for packages ranging from 2 to 14 days, thanks to departures from Nosy be to Antanimora every Sunday and Wednesday, returning every Wednesday and Friday. Need more flexibility? The à la carte option offers to provide a crew and its boat for one or more full days, so you can come and go without compromise… And why not create your own transfer? Spread it out over a day of coasting, have lunch halfway on the splendid Nosy Iranja, or grill a fresh fish on one of the endless deserted beaches of the mainland? Stop for a snorkelling session on the reefs of the huge coral plateau that stretches all along the route? The à la carte stays have been designed to satisfy every desire.

A landmark for fishing enthusiasts

The Radama Islands Resort, long before it was renamed, had the unique vocation of providing fishing for passionate enthusiasts whose trip was solely focused on sport fishing. This passion remains and we always welcome fans of this sport with great pleasure, and still work to take them as close as possible to the fish, to accompany them in the improvement of their technique or in the hunt for trophies, every day, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm! In the evening, when the fishermen return to the Resort, the stories of their day crisscrossing some of the thousands of posts referenced since 2007, make the eyes of some people shine…

Why not take advantage of the experience of the crews, the infrastructures in place, and the equipment available?

And diving lovers

Since 2020, we have also counted on a dedicated partner to provide their expertise in scuba diving and supervise our guests in this wonderful practice – From baptism to instructor training, in a unique setting and with complete professionalism.

The Radama Islands Resort thus brings a rare level of expertise in two of the most exciting activities that can be practiced in the rich waters of the Mozambique Channel.

Days or half days are available from the resort beach. Be careful though… It’s very addictive!

In addition to these two master practices, the range of activities and excursions offered on the island and in the archipelago will accommodate the most active!