Troll Fishing

The most “relaxed” technique offered by the crews in the Radama Islands Resort - wait-and-see fishing, which consists of letting the expertise of the skippers choose the boat, lures or baits, and carefully placed in their wake, at the right speeds and in the right places.

Target rostrum fish

Trolling, in addition to being one of the best ways to target rostrum fish such as sailfish or marlin, is also of real interest in the search for other large pelagic fish, the very colourful and spectacular dolphinfish for example, or the wahoo, one of the fastest fish, and which can reach very… sporty sizes!

A real interest

A key technique off the coast of the United States, or along the coasts of Central and South America, when practiced with care, trolling can be sharp and exciting. The practice also allows for the opportunity to sit and talk, in the shade and in a breeze, while waiting for a catch. This can be of particular interest during the hot season, at lunchtime, for example. Trolling large baits by flapping them, with or without a few large skirted lures or teasers, along drop offs or around hunts, is a great way to search for active marlin. Medium-sized surface lures that are pulled at suitable speeds around coral can be rewarded with a catch of many other surface-feeding species (sailfish, barracuda, king mackerel, wahoo, dolphinfish, etc.).

Open fishing

What about slow-trolling bib lures 2-6m below the surface, above the reefs; strategically crossing the coral shelves? A very accessible way to catch all kinds of jack, grouper, green jobfish, and most of the predators which hunt around the coral heads that dot the archipelago. The gear for this specific fishery is often very heavy, and fishermen who travel must comply with airline weight restrictions. That is why we provide top-of-the-range sets on our boats if our fishermen want them.

Download our technical sheet for more details on the equipment you need to bring and the equipment available for rental or hire.