The Jig

The jig is a perfect complement to casting and is essential when it comes to sea fishing with artificial lures.

Technically more demanding

Vertical fishing is guided by sensations, the quality of the movements plays an essential role in its success. It can take a few days to learn and the first few hours of action can seem thankless. The choice of equipment will be very important until the fisherman registers his first bite. The confidence that accompanies this will considerably strengthen the fragile compromise of the beginnings, then comes the pleasure and pride of luring a predator thanks to 200 grams of skilfully animated pellets!

Incomparable sensations

The sensations at the touch are incomparable, and we quickly try to analyse the behaviour and the rushes during the struggle to try to tell what type of fish is biting. Whatever its size and habitat, whether it is a territorial or food reaction, any fish that is able to attack a 15 cm prey can be caught with a jig…

The water column worked vertically by a fisherman can reach up 200m, and the boat which receives it – by drifting relatively swiftly – also covers the distance, horizontally this time: In addition to catching all kinds of breeds, the jig “prospers” more than any other technique! From depths of 20 to 200m, to 80g to 300g lures, in 15lbs or in 80lbs, as well as casting, the choice of material is vast, and the differences in fineness of the lines and actions of rods will play an obvious role in the movements and results. Whatever the level and ambition of the one holding the rod, there will always be a fair and suitable set up to have fun!