Rich seabed

Radama fishing is one of the most varied on the planet. The slideshows from most trips show photos of dozens of different species!

An exceptional area

The water quality is exceptional, the seabed is lined with intact coral and is extremely rugged, providing hiding places for juveniles, areas of predation, and a fabulous natural barrier for industrial fishing. Thousands of square kilometres of coral plateaus, split by deep faults, and bordered by steep drop offs of several tens to several hundred meters… just a few minutes from Antanimora! These factors combined with the close proximity of shallow areas (5-20m), drop offs (40-200m), and “blue waters” further offshore (200-2000m), provide an ideal environment. Almost all the species that the most demanding fishermen can dream of can be found there.

Suitable for all types of fishing

The variety of fish, and the very changing nature of the seabed, offer wide possibilities in the choice of fishing approaches and techniques. Thus, and with the assistance of the crews of the Radama Islands Resort, from the perfect novice to the seasoned fisherman, exceptional conditions are met to satisfy the most modest to the most ambitious fishing appetites. From the desire to discover an exciting sport in a dazzling setting, the search for progression or improvement of a fishing technique, right to the pursuit of specimens or trophies, many dreams and challenges can be realised around the archipelago!

Adjusted according to the level, interests and preferences of fishermen, the advice and involvement of our skippers are based on two essential pillars: safety, and the anglers’ pleasure.