Handline fishing

Handline fishing is a vertical fishing technique. It is undoubtedly the most accessible technique for beginners.

Efficient and fun

It allows fishing at anchor or drift, with all kinds of bait, big and small, and targets a wide variety of fish of all sizes. The basic principle is to fish in line with the boat or even slightly away from it, using large floats. Therefore, it requires very little equipment: a line, a few weights which we provide free of charge, a few hooks – the leader can be made of steel or nylon. Handline fishing, particularly longline fishing, is an ideal way to get to know the sport fish of the archipelago and to get in touch with their power.

Line Fishing

An excellent school for learning how to hook and manage fights, longline fishing was originally done by hand, using a line wrapped around a piece of cork or wood. We prefer to practice it using a rod and a reel, which makes it easier and allows the fish to be hauled in much faster. And above all to be able to face the powerful rushes of tropical fish! Suitable for all ages, it is a fun and friendly type of fishing that attracts both beginners and more experienced fishermen.

A wide variety of species

This allows a wide variety of species to be caught, in particular groundfish which, on first touch, immediately try to “get close to” or reach the nearest hole within fin reach. Almost all species of sport may be interested in the presented bait, including the larger ones!