Fishing in virgin areas

Created in 2004 when the Archipelago was still virgin, the Radama Islands Resort is the first and only fishing centre in operation in the Radama Islands. It benefits from a privileged location, as close as possible to drop-offs and the best fishing areas.

The Radama Islands Resort

100km south of the bay of Nosy Be, the only fishing pressure exerted on tens of thousands of hectares exploited comes down to the fleet of the Radama Islands Resort and a few traditional canoes which practice very limited harvesting. The demographics of the region and the extremely low population density lead to very moderate demand. This is why year after year, the immense biodiversity of the archipelago remains intact, and continues – while meeting local needs – to delight sport fishermen, divers, and lovers of the sea and nature.

The catch and release

Catch and release is the watchword aboard the 6 boats in the fleet. The crews do this with care and have developed a valuable skill when it comes to unhooking, photographing, and releasing a fish in the best conditions to ensure its survival. Their equipment, designed specifically for tropical specimens and extra strong iron hooks, was developed at Radama Islands Resort, and made in France with the utmost care.

Let them grow to be able to rub shoulders with them again, but above all, to preserve the breeding stock and respect the fragile balance of an area that has so much to offer!

Boats and fishermen

The experience accumulated over the seasons by the skippers, their expertise in different techniques and their most recent developments, as well as the range of action of the boats, make it possible to fish as closely as possible to the preserved areas, far from other fishing centres, and out of reach of any industrial fishing. In addition to providing guidance on areas of activity and on the behaviour and location of schools of fish, communication during the day along with consultations and debriefings in the evening make it possible in particular to ensure rotation in the operation of the stations. Fabulous management tools: the Garmin Echomap Ultra GPS / plotter / sounder combos record several thousand GPS points, and maps that become more precise as the powerful sounders scan the seabed and complete the pre-recorded cartographic data. In this way, the stations can be managed in a sustainable way, “left to rest” before it becomes necessary while maintaining a multitude of solutions to optimize the outings according to the objectives chosen by the fishermen.

An impressive fishing area

Considering that we prefer to leave in our wake the 30 kilometres most affected by the activity of Nosy Be before putting our first lures in the water, the fishing area most commonly worked by our boats extends over more than 100km of uninhabited coastline. A strip that reaches several tens of kilometres in length, therefore offering a surface area of approximately 200,000 hectares.