Catamaran Cabin 48ft

A 14.5 x 5m wide catamaran hull, the largest and most flexible boat in the fleet, has been designed for several uses. Above all, capable of transporting a large number of people and goods to ensure connections and supplies between the archipelago of Radama and Nosy Be, it is also perfectly suited to fishing... and is even over-equipped in this sense!

Communication Vhf 2,5m
GPS GARMIN Map 8410 & retour pont GPSMap 8412
Transducer Shirp 1000W
Tuna tube 4
Rod holders 34
Fresh water tanks 3 x 400 L
Engines 2 x 300 HP
Autonomy 250NM

- Living room - Shower + WC / Shower - Barbecue - Sink - Sun loungers

Technical details of the 48 ft cabin

The catamaran has a large range, big water and fuel tanks, and has been designed to allow a crew of at least 4 people to sleep on board for several days, making it the ideal boat for bivouacs. At night, LED spotlights provide excellent visibility on the deck, and others, in the hulls, illuminate below the waterline; so we can also offer night fishing to groups of up to 8-10 fishermen.

Default equipment

All our boats are equipped with VHF, powerful latest-generation Garmin GPS / plotters / sounders, installed in Nosy Be by the Garmin and Navionics France teams; as well as a set of life jackets, and safety equipment that fully complies with current standards. Almost the entire fishing area is covered by the GSM network. The 4-stroke Suzuki engines that power all our hulls are reliable, robust and carefully maintained by the mechanics of Radama Islands Resort. We have deliberately chosen to ‘over-motorise’ our fleet to give it a considerable margin of power, allowing travel at lower engine speeds for greater comfort and mechanical reliability. Crossings or long journeys can also be made more quickly, so on days when the vagaries of fishing take us away from the camp, the time needed to take the lines out of the water will not be affected.

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