Cast Fishing

Casting is undoubtedly one of the most fun forms of fishing; visual and requiring the precision and dexterity of the fisherman, this technique involves a brief learning period the first time it is performed, and some time to adapt for anyone switching from rivers to the tropics.

The queen technique

Despite some situations that require a lot of speed and accuracy (tracking yellowfin tuna on the surface for example) casting from a boat remains accessible. This technique will not have the precision required for trout fishing, nor the long-distance casting requirements of surfcasting or some shore fishing. Whether heavy or light, the choice of material is vast – in Madagascar we go from a 40g stickbait to a 200g popper! Some situations or some species of fish will require these kinds of modifications, but fitness, sport or fun may also be part of the motivation for these choices!

Download our technical sheet for more details on the equipment required