Available Equipment

From the classics to the latest innovations, all the items that we offer for sale, rent or hire are rigorously selected, and charged at the same price as popular online shops and fishing tackle merchants. WOF and Zenaq distribute very high quality products, however, we have not turned our backs on the essentials!

A wide selection

For this reason, the indestructible Orion lures, the fabulous Halco Roosta popper, or excellent rods like the Tenryu Furrary Popping are an integral part of our stocks of available items.

From rods/reels/braid rental, to lures, hooks, connections, including consumables or fixtures assembled by our skippers, gloves, clothing, sunscreen etc … anything that can complete the arsenal of our fisherman can be found in Antanimora!

Tailor-made rentals

While most travelers equip themselves before departure, those who wish to go to the Radama Islands Resort with cabin baggage can do so… The rental of quality equipment is useful, even essential for many fishermen. Traveling with fishing rods involves a significant overhead.

And having the opportunity to try it out before setting your sights on an expensive set can be very appealing. The reputation of the rods and reels avaliable for hire is well-established (Zenaq, Tenryu, Shimano Stella for the reels). Maintained daily, the reels are lined with braid, and this is changed as often as necessary. A defective reel? It will be repaired or changed for the next morning. The rod is not suitable? Too strong or not powerful enough? We will direct you to an alternative for the next outing.

Provision of stand-up equipment

The heaviest sets (trolling gear and stand up equipment) can be made available free of charge on request.

Contact us for more information.

Download our technical sheet for more details on the equipment you need to bring and the equipment available for rental or hire.