The team and security

The diving centre is a SCIA FFESSM (CMAS), as well as an “SSI instructor training centre” (instructor training centre).

Supervision and management of the diving centre

As much as possible in line with the level and wishes of the practitioners, safety is of course an integral part of each of our reflections and decisions regarding equipment, recruitment, orientation of outings, and training.

The diving centre is an SCIA FFESSM (CMAS), as well as an “SSI instructor training centre” (instructor training centre).

The management of the centre meets French standards and the supervisors are SSI and CMAS graduates.

A maximum of 4 divers per supervisor is tolerated if their level allows it.


The centre’s security system is adapted as carefully as possible to the environment. However, it should be kept in mind that safety is not taken lightly at the Radama.

The site is isolated (100 km from Nosy be). In the event of a problem, the Radama Islands Resort fleet is always close by and reachable by radio or telephone, but the distance must be taken into account, and certain measures are taken to limit the risks as much as possible:

  • “Never lost” system by Scuba Radama: this is a very powerful distress flare coupled with a mobile phone carried by the instructor during the dive. Imagining the worst-case scenario: boat broken down, divers drifting offshore: with this system, the Radama Island Resort is contacted (minimum of 6 boats permanently in the area), and the search is greatly facilitated and can be accelerated thanks to the rocket and mobile communication.
  • Oxygen on the boat and oxygen B50 in the centre.


In the event of a diving accident at Radama, there are 3 options available

  • Helicopter to Nosy Be followed by hyperbaric chamber treatment in Nosy Be.
  • Transfer by fast boat to the chamber (1h30 to 2h00 under O2).
  • With your permission: The instructors are trained in therapeutic re-compression by immersion (Clipperton method).
  • There is a small on-board pharmacy available and all supervisors are trained in first aid.


16 years of diving experience on-site allow you to discover varied and magnificent sites under the best conditions, by deepening your knowledge of the local marine fauna with our instructors… while always keeping the first rule in mind: Safety first!