Dive sites in Radama

Radama’s dive sites are among the most beautiful in Madagascar. Notably, there is the mythical Greg Wall, a masterpiece of underwater architecture.

Radama’s dive sites are among the most beautiful in Madagascar. There we find, in particular, the mythical Greg wall, a masterpiece of underwater architecture

Maro be loc

It is a highway for big fish: schools of jacks, schools of barracuda, schools of tuna, groupers, very large groupers, numerous grey sharks and hammerhead sharks cross the area, it is an explosion of underwater fauna!

Atnam Antanimora

The diversity of the sites is exceptional, in Atnam Antanimora there is a wall covered with giant corals with canyons and small caves to explore. The twenty or so sites offer a wide variety of environments: shoals, plateaus, drop offs, drifting…


 The rich fauna in the area allows the observation of a large number of species. Smaller ones such as antennae, seahorses, crocodile fish, nudibranch, ribbon eel, stonefish, scorpionfish, leaf scorpion, ghost pipefish. To the larger ones; whale sharks, humpback whales, Omura’s whales, as well as several species of shark. Grey, spotted, hammerhead, silky, white reef tips. Different species of rays also live in these waters: mobula, manta, stingray, eagle.

Radama is very little fished. The absence of trawlers and large fishing vessels allows the underwater fauna to flourish. The impact of traditional fishing remains marginal and this area of the Mozambique Channel is very well preserved.

The exclusive character of the area is guaranteed, there is no other diving centre in Radama!